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Mathieu Management Inc. specializes in the optimization of human potential. We offer methods and tools to help managers assess the strengths and possible areas of improvement of their staff, in order to optimize individual potential within the different roles in their organization.


Senior Consulting Services

Mathieu Management Inc.’s senior consulting services aim at improving operational efficiency within your company. We offer guidance to CEOs and upper management in the private and public sectors in their efforts to optimize their company’s human potential.

Our intervention leads to organizational diagnostics based on four major angles:

Determining your managerial style

Once we have determined your managerial style, and in keeping with the organization’s corporate culture, we will propose a HR development plan that is comprised of important management improvement tips such as:

  • How to set up the right HR management tools
  • How to implement such tools
  • How to manage the processes that are inherent to an efficient HR program
  • Setting up an efficient organizational structure for the company
  • Description of each essential role and responsibility to ensure the organization’s success
  • Setting up a management committee
  • Determining assessment policies (performance, salary, equity)
  • Proposing a training program
  • Creating an employee manual

Identifying your organization’s succession plan

A succession plan enables managers to organize their company’s succession more effectively. In collaboration with the CEO, we will establish the criteria that will help to pinpoint the individuals who are able to take on this challenge. Not only is a succession plan good for the company, it also helps prepare the CEO for his retirement projects.

According to the type of organization, information gathered and management needs, we will set up a strategic corporate transfer plan. We propose to guide the CEO by submitting:

  • A decision-aid program
  • A potential assessment program
  • A succession identification strategy
  • A skill-building process

For help from one of our professionals, please do not hesitate to contact us at 418-657-1897 or by e-mail at

Where to find us

Quebec area

Jules-Dallaire Complex, Tower 1
2828, Laurier Boulevard, Suite 700
Quebec (Quebec) G1V 0B9

Quebec area

Jules-Dallaire Complex, Tower 1
2828, Laurier Boulevard, Suite 700
Quebec (Quebec) G1V 0B9

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